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Web Content Publisher EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa)

I started my path in Herbalife not too long ago, in January 2016, after gaining valuable experience in other corporations on similar positions.

My role is to support internal stakeholders with their activities related to webpages, web publications, e-mail marketing and digital projects. One of the best things about this job is how I learn something new every day and dealing with great people from different cultures, keeping me inspired and self-motivated.

Giving back is a big part of my personal philosophy and I was excited to see that there was a company that felt the same way. That's why I feel that Herbalife is the place to work.


Office Coordinator / PA to Country Director Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

I joined Herbalife in 2011 and working on one position I had the opportunity to take part in various projects and acquire experience resulting not only from the scope of my duties.

I love Herbalife for diverse opportunities it offers; for the new skills I acquired, deep water that rapidly teaches us how to deal with various situations, and most of all for people with whom I work. There's a reason why we have won the first place according to research conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute in our category (the result of the competition GPTW Institute from 2016).

I could not forget about our products and about the fact that thanks to our Partners millions of people around the globe are changing their daily lives for the better thanks to Herbalife. I adore H24, which restores my energy after cycling 25 km to work.

Working in Herbalife is challenging for different reasons. Nevertheless, tackling all the tasks gives great satisfaction. Raising the bar and doing "ordinary things extraordinarily well " ( Jim Rohn ) is just a brief description of our team in Janki/Warsaw.

If Vice President and Chairman Club Member remember your birthday, it is a sign that they appreciate the work you have done. That's how we do it to build it better.


MPC EC Trainer

I joined Herbalife on July 1st 2013, as Accountant in Accounts Payable department, being a part of the transition team, moving financial processes from Spain and Portugal to FOSC Kraków. In August 2014, I moved to MPC and for the next 2 years worked as Advisor supporting our Ethics Departments in EMEA region and providing trainings to our Member during corporate events. Since September 2014 I am also a Chairman of Herbalife FOSC Wellness Committee. In July 2016 I was promoted to a new role – MPC Excellence Center Trainer, and I will be responsible for coaching new and existing staff of MPC EC Kraków.

Working for Herbalife is entirely different than everything I experienced before. Our employees are very professional, focused on providing the best possible support to our members, but at the same time are very positive, open, enjoy working together, and have a lot of fun. The most rewarding part of my job? When Members says: ”Thank you! I appreciate your support!”.

When I joined Herbalife, I thought this is just another typical corporation. That was only until I saw my first Event – Herbalife Triathlon Gdynia 2013. At that moment I realized that this is much more than just an ordinary work. I saw passion of Herbalife Members and employees supporting and taking part in Triathlon, being not only a great example to others but also showing Herbalife is not just work, it is a lifestyle!

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